Saturday, 13 April 2019

Saga Elves

The imminent arrival of Saga: Age of Fantasy has got me all excited. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to finish a long-abandoned GW Elf army I had in the loft. I have a regiment of Swordmasters to do, yet, and then that should make a decent saga warband.

Apparently the warbands are 8 points. From what I have heard, the chariot would work as a war machine which costs half a point (I think you have to buy them by exchanging them for 2 hearthguard or 4 warriors, etc). I painted a tree which would work as a Titan monster, which costs the same, afaik. The ballista things are also war machines. And the wizard costs a point, and gets his own spell deck. I also have a dragon to finish off which would work as a different type of monster.

I can probably use my archers as 1 point of levy or 2 of warriors, and my spears work as 2 points of warriors. With 3 points of Swordmaster hearthguard, this should make a decent-size, versatile force for one of the Order factions (probably the Great Kingdoms one).

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