Monday, 28 November 2016

ASQL: Imperial Strike Force

Here's 150 points of Imperial Strike Force army for Alien Squad Leader, ready for next week's tournament. They're from Ground Zero Games. Not sure why I paint so many armies pink and yellow.

They are three APC with a scout car Command, three Shocktroopers with a Command, three Assault Troops and one Support Squad. And that's all I got for 150 points coz I gave them almost every upgrade going.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


About forty years ago, wandering through WHSmiths I spotted this book, the Battle of Salamis by Richard B. Nelson, reduced to a quid (iirc). It looked pretty exciting, so I bought it. I didn't really know what wargaming was, at the time, coz I was only about eight, but the book intrigued me, and I pored over it like an eight year old who doesn't know what he's doing (a bit like the time I bought a copy of Macbeth at a jumble sale when I was four).

I never got into ancient naval wargaming, at all, but the book did inspire my O level history project (yeah, that O level came in handy). But at the weekend, by coincidence, I joined a playtest for some ancient naval wargame rules, and it turned out to be doing Salamis. So, I feel like that game is now finally complete, forty years in the making.