Sunday, 27 October 2013

Factory Interior

Did the interior for one of the factory buildings. Somewhere to meet Mr. Big and his boys for the pay-off.

Friday, 25 October 2013

More Factories

Mostly finished the exterior for a bunch of factory modules.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I'm Valerie Singleton

... or Konnie Huq, I suppose, if you're a youngster. I've always wanted to be on Blue Peter and so due to popular demand, here is my guide to making factory bits.

I started with a few bits of .5mm styrene, and some thicker plastic for the sides (I used 1.5mm). I also used a 2mm rod for the rivets and some 3.2mm tube (I actually used 4mm rods for this previously, but I've got none left).

Then I got some random wooden stuff from the bits box to use as the machine tool. And I found what I think are sails from an old windmill kit which I thought might work as vents.

And then my knife broke, causing me to stab myself in the thigh, and so you should get an adult to help you with this bit.

I cut the side panels from 1.5mm plastic, and the base and roof from .5mm. The conveyors are 17mm high, so I use that for the height of all my bases.

Then I used medium grade sandpaper to round the corners and glued the base together...

... and then put the sides and roof on.

Then I cut up random bits of plastic that fits on the various surfaces...

... rounded the corners with sandpaper, and added rivets.

Then I just glued it all together. Pretty simple.

Here's one I made earlier.

For the conveyor legs I used some sort of railway girder I picked up at the model shop, with some .5mm styrene. I used 3.2mm tubes for the rollers.

I rounded and glued the walls to the base.

While it was drying I cut up the rollers.

Then glued the legs on.

I glued the rollers on. Then I glued end-pieces onto the legs, waited until they were dry, and then trimmed them in situ.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Factory Machines

Here's some things that make stuff to go in my factories.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

John Carter and the... Vervoids

So we had another In Her Majesty's Name game, this time moving it to the Red Planet. My Arc Rifles weren't ready to fight John Carter and his White Martians because I've been painting factories instead. So I drafted in some Vervoids.

John Carter and White Martians

Photo from here:

John Carter Pluck 2+ FV +5 SV +0 Move 0 Cost 64
Leadership +2
Inspirational (+1 Pluck 12”)
Duelist (Sabre +2 FV)
Lined Robes (8)
2 x Sabres (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)
Breath Preserver (+2 Pluck vs Gas)

White Martian Leader 3+ +2 +4 0 35
Leadership +1
Martian Desert Garb (8)
Ancient Martian Sonic Cannon (as Arc Rifle) (-2 Pluck, +1 SV, ignores normal armour)
Breath Preserver (+2 Pluck vs Gas)

White Martian High Priest 3+ +2 +2 0 63
Fanatic (re-roll 1st failed Pluck roll of game)
Martian Desert Garb (8)
Ancient Martian Staff of Power (acts as Arc Generator and Quarterstaff) (+3 FV)
3 x Red Dust Bombs (as Gas Grenades) (-1 Pluck)
Breath Preserver (+2 Pluck vs Gas)

White Martian Jezzail Warrior (x2) 4+ +0 +4 0 84 (44 each)
Marksman (Jezzail)
Martian Desert Garb (8)
Jezzail (as Hunting Rifle) (-2 Pluck, +4 SV)
Breath Preserver (+2 Pluck vs Gas)

White Martian Warrior (x3) 4+ +1 +3 0 63 (21 each)
Martian Desert Garb (8)
Ancient Martian Sonic Cannon (as Arc Rifle) (-2 Pluck, +1 SV, ignores normal armour)
Breath Preserver (+2 Pluck vs Gas)

Total Cost: 309


Vervoid (x12)  4+ +2 +2 0 300 (25 each)
Bark (Armour 9)
2xThorns (as Spears) (+2 FV/SV, -1 Pluck, Range 9") (10)
Thornslinger (like Gunslinger) (5)

Total Cost: 300

We played the Breakthrough scenario, with the Martians needing to get across the board. My Vervoids simply waited, ready to ambush the unsuspecting foe from the safety of the forest.

Unfortunately, Martian Jezzail marksmen can ignore cover penalties, so they just stood on a hill picking off my Mogarian vege-slaves at their leisure.

By the time I managed to respond and start legging it into combat, I only had about half my forces left.

Once the Vervoids closed into range they actually did quite well, even killing John Carter, but the battle had already been lost.

Moral of the story: read your opponents army list, especially if he emails it to you two days before the battle.

We had time for a return battle, where I over-compensated for the poor showing in the first game by positioning all the scenery to my convenience and charging everyone at the jezzails asap.

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Here's some factory WIPs. Not really sure what they're supposed to be making.


Here's a paint test. Haven't done much realistic or modern type building painting before, but this looks pretty reasonable to me.