Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dwarven Drawbridge

Here's my dwarf-engineered, steam-powered drawbridge. It's based on an archway and turret from the Zvezda Royal Castle, with some bits from various model railway kits, and pipes made from mains copper wiring. The drawbridge actually draws, although I don't supply pictorial evidence.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Slumming It

Here's a tight grouping of buildings for that classic Warhammer slum feel. These are resin casts which I bought off a bloke on the internet. Unfortunately I've lost the guy's details.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Marius Garten

I wanted a crappy bit of greenery for the Moedlhafen public to enjoy. This uses the GW chapel and some other bits and pieces. The statue is from a 54mm Agincourt set. It's supposed to be Marius in bad repair (because nobody cares!). And someone's swiped his spear.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Warehouses and Weathering

Here's the warehouse district. I experimented with a bunch of weathering and stuff to make it dirty. Not sure if I like it or not.

One of the warehouses is marked WHSE 13, which is a reference to WFRP1 SoB. I didn't actually think to use the plans in SoB to base the model on, though.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

City Walls

Here are the city walls which are about 90% GW fortress. The city gate has some sort of notice board which I was thinking might work a bit like the Deutz Elm in Nuln. It's designed to join seamlessly with other buildings and the other bits of wall. Unfortunately the fortress wall pieces are about 6mm shorter than the modules, which means my city wall has loads of huge holes in it, that you could probably walk through if you were a plastic goblin.

This is a watch tower / barracks for the city guard. You have to wonder why they didn't build it out of stone. It's also looking extremely clean. I'm not usually a big fan of making my models dirty (my FoW general makes sure his tanks get a good scrubbing every day), but I'm currently trying to work out how best to dirty Moedlhafen up a bit.

I've made a puddle that you can see on the very bottom pic, but it looks like someone's dropped a load of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, rather than the result of the dismal Imperial weather.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Crane Jetty

I had this triangular building hanging around for a while, but it never really felt right on the square modular boards, so I usually stuck it out the way on the end of the jetty. So I finally made that a feature by building the water-powered crane around it.

Wizards' Guildhouse

Here's the obligatory Celestial observatory module. It's done the same way as pretty much every other piece. I added some Wills granite sheets to make a sidewalk. I found a load of ladders in my FLGS's bits box, which I think came from GW Lord of the Rings stuff.

The doors and windows (and maybe the barrel) come from Antenociti's Workshop, which has a whole bunch of useful stuff for this sort of thing.

It looks like someone was caught sneaking about around the back of the guildhouse. The graffiti is supposed to read 'Wizerds go home' but it's barely legible.

The telescopes were made from a number of different plastic kits and bits and pieces, including a railway set crane, a windmill, Trevithicks 1804 locomotive and some pens.

Standard Module

Here's the basis for my modular terrain. It's a c. 30cm * 30cm * 4cm block made from one of those canvas block things you get at art shops. I just rip the canvas off (save for sails, etc, later) and glue some hardboard to the top and then cover it in plastic. I used textured plastic sheets from Slater's and Wills. The main surface for the entire town is Slater's Plasticard Random Stone 0421.

Lining the sides with plastic (especially the thicker Wills stuff) makes the blocks wider than they might be, so really I've ended up with lots of slightly different sized blocks, which is a bit messy when you stick them together. But the whole point of these modules is that when they're finished they might look a bit like a river/sea side port, so they do need to be lined.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bog Standard Building

So I thought I'd blog the final stages of my modular fantasy warhammer urban wargames table thing. I'm also developing some skirmish rules to go with it, so perhaps they will get added here a bit later.

This is the first building I did. I started this years ago, and it sat half-finished for about a year until I found some roof tiles I liked. The rest of the buildings will follow the main themes: windowless stone ground floor, black and bleached bone half-timber, and ultramarine roofing. Limited palettes work well for army schemes, so I'm hoping it will do the job for a city scape, too.

The stonework is cut from a GW fortress tower. The walls are made from plain sheets of polystyrene, and some textured sheets, usually from Wills. The roof tiles are laser cut self adhesive shingles from Builders In Scale. And most of the extra bits are from the GW watchtower and chapel kits.