Saturday, 30 January 2016

Victorian Terraces 3: Nitespot

Not strictly a Victorian terrace, but I did another corner building. The crappy night club is probably more of an eighties thing than a seventies, but I thought it would lend the area a bit of class. Also, it would make a decent hang out for a bunch of gangsters. I've left the roof openable, so I can model a fab groovy interior for a 7TV style flamboyant agent to be seen where it's at.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Victorian Terraces 2

Houses are coming along pretty quickly. I've also done a corner building, which I think will probably end up as a Chinese restaurant.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Victorian Terraces 1

I've started a Victorian terrace street lay-out. I've had this in mind for years, and am finally getting round to it. This should work well for Aggro and 7TV stuff. Ironically, it probably won't be much good for Victorian tables, coz it will have 60s and 70s details. I've started 3 rows, but am aiming for 6. I'll probably make a few corner buildings that are interactive, but the rows of houses won't be.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

7TV Dinosaurs

Did some dinosaurs for a 7TV dinosaur hunt type game. Also got some great bespoke 7TV style stat cards from Gailbraithe on the Crooked Dice fourm.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

7TV: Star Wars

Made a bit more terrain for my Blake's 7 base, and got to try it out with some friend's Star Wars collectible pre-painteds, and the new free Programme Guide for 2nd ed 7TV from Crooked Dice.

The new terrain was mostly just blocks of rocky stuff to signify the insides of caverns and the sides of quarries, with a few pieces to act as an interface between the cavern stuff and my base bits.

We played 48 points per side, and decided on a scenario where the rebels have to pick up three of four objectives in the depths of the base. We used scientists and prisoners as the objectives.

The imperials were scattered all over the base, while the rebels could start on one side of the table (the entrance to the cavern) or sneak in the back way.

The imperials had a force field powered up over the main entrance to the complex, but soon powered it down when they realised the rebels weren't bothering to go through the front door.

Most of the rebel extras sneaked around the side of the cavern, hiding behind the spaceships (those are Tie Fighters - honest),...

...while our heroes managed to get into the middle of the base using an access shaft. They took out the Royal Guard guarding it, but although not able to hit a barn door from 16 inches, the two stromtroopers in the next section were able to hit a Wookiee from 3. Not really the sort of movie we were expecting.

The other Royal Guard sent all his men to leave the base and chase the rebels round the back.

After dealing with the stormtroopers (that's for Chewie!) Luke and Han made their way through the guard section towards the first objective.

Leia and a rebel began to clear a route towards Darth Vader.

Han got to the first objective and joined up with the surviving rebels. They found themselves penned in by a couple of stormtroopers.

But that was a sideshow, as it was time for the Finale...

My stormtroopers had been pretty useless (after flukily getting Chewbacca with the first shots of the game) but I hadn't been supporting them with tokens, coz I'd been saving them all up for Darth Vader. Luke confronted him on a precarious catwalk with no safety railings.

Luke and Vader went at it, but with his powers and a shed load of tokens, Vader always had the advantage, and on the final turn Luke was destroyed. Not only had the rebels failed to get their three objectives, but they had lost their new hope.

I played another game, with a different opponent, straight afterwards. This one went much better for the rebels. They got through most of the complex with very few casualties, and very few imperials remained. But it still came down to Luke and Vader fighting on the catwalk. They were both alive at the end of the final turn, but the rebels still weren't able to get their objectives.

So, perhaps the scenario was a little bit too difficult for them. It could probably be done, but would need, istm, Luke distracting Vader for much of the game, while the rebel heroes split up early and head straight for the objectives.

Anyway, two really fun games, where the atmosphere was really helped by having half-decent (if not particularly starwarsy) terrain and the dedicated Star Wars card set from Crooked Dice.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Dwarf Marines

Here's my Dwarf marines / submariners warband for my homebrew game. The Dwarfs are mostly from GW and Black Scorpion. The DSS Porpoise is from Ironclad Miniatures. And I can't remember where I got the DSS Shark from.