Friday, 31 May 2013

Brothers and Sisters of St. Vitus

Just been getting into In Her Majesty's Name, the Steampunk Skirmish rules from Osprey. I don't really have a lot of Victorian-looking stuff so have been making up a few company lists based on what minis I do have.

Here is the Brothers and Sisters of St. Vitus. Their chief weapon is Fire of God (which is based on the stats for a Carbine, but doesn't require a physical weapon), and Hand of God (Martial Artist). Two chief weapons, Fire of God, Hand of God, and the Abbot's Eye of God (which is simply a renamed Eye of Odin)...


Initiate (14 pts)

Armour 9 (2)
Pluck 4+ (4)
FV +3 (4)
Speed +1 (1)
Hand of God (3)


Prior (29) As Initiate +

Stealthy (5)
Tough (5)
Intuitive (5)


Nun (26)

Armour 9 (2)
Pluck 4+ (4)
FV +2 (2)
SV +3 (4)
Martial Artist (3)
Fire of God (6)
Fanatic (5)


Abbot (45) As Nun +

Inspirational (10)
Eye of God (9)

Five Initiates, four Nuns, one Prior and one Abbot is 248 points (I think).

Saturday, 4 May 2013


I made a pair of Dutch-style counterweight drawbridges to go with my stilt slum. I put a couple of pennies inside the counterweight bit, and it works quite well. The balance is pretty spot on, and such that you might expect your average 28mm figure to be able to raise and lower it.