Saturday, 16 April 2016

Full Thrust: Pink Fleet

Been painting a Full Thrust fleet. These are the British fleet from Brigade Models. Not a lot of creativity in deciding what their stats are gonna be as they have very visual weaponry, and three sizes of turret, so it looks like they're well designed for Full Thrust. They also have another type of gun, which I'm using as Pulse Torpedoes, atm.

I'd post the stats but I don't have a SSD creator thingy, and draw mine by hand.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Living on the Frontline: Infantry 2

Finished my Crooked Dice British Infantry. I decided to go with camo rather than the classic UNIT look, so they went better with my Mike Bravo minis. See pics below to see how they do go together. I think I will just get all the Crooked Dice minis in that range and all the Mike Bravo ones, and will end up with a decent-sized Living on the Frontline and 7TV force.