Friday, 28 March 2014

Underworld: Get Off My Manor!

So, we played a game of 7TV. We had Lady Ffshaw's Shooting Party defending their manor from the Wyrd Sisters' Police. There were a couple of scientists in the manor house who were worth 2VPs, but everyone forgot about them and ended up just fighting to the death.

The shooting party were spread out around the manor and the police were set up in three groups, with a witch in each.

The Shooting Party had a shed load of dogs and three dog handlers. I thought this might break the game, and it probably was a bit powerful, but the police dealt with them quite well.

The shootmaster kept his eye out for plod making their way through the woods.

Two more of the shooting party, on the look out for fancy urban folks coming round here with their big city ways, like law and order.

Most of the police arrived with Ursula down the main road towards the house, with dogs for back up.

Glenda approached the back of the house, and cast 'Begone!'...

...spectacularly sending two of the Gamekeepers and half a dozen dogs crashing into the wall, and killing all of them except a couple of dogs.

Meanwhile, Ursula, having pumped herself full of strange narcotics, legged it unnaturally quickly up the drive and charged Lady Ffshaw, drawing blood.

The housekeeper leveled her shotgun at the approaching officers and (probably illegally) pumped them full of lead...

...and after a gamekeeper had joined her, only one PC and a dog remained.

Medea charged into the Shootmaster and his mates, and managed to wound him. They fought back and shot one of the police.

Meanwhile, the bloodhounds managed to take out one of the police.

Lady Ffshaw withdrew from the fight, and guarded by her housekeeper looked on as one of the gamekeepers tried to fight the witch off.

Surrounded by rabid hounds, Glenda whipped out her pheromone spray, confusing them all. (And then they went about systematically shooting all the poor confused dogs. For obvious reasons I have refused to put any pictures of that carnage up here.)

Ursula stunned the gamekeeper with stunning magic and then made a move on the housekeeper.

Glenda cast another Begone! and took out another load of dogs, and their handlers, too.

The shootmaster was managing to keep Medea and her constables at bay.

Glenda made her way towards the front of the house, leaving a couple of surviving dogs behind. As soon as she left, they got a bit of canine revenge on the last PC (using the random Instincitve Animal Action Table in the Summer Special).

As Glenda came round the corner, however, Lady Ffshaw blasted her with Witchfire twice, killing her. And the shootmaster did away with Medea, leaving only Ursula to carry on a fight she couldn't win.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Minion Jeeps

Painted some jeeps for my 7TV minions. Not sure what the minions are about yet, I guess they're just a vaguely camp army for a vaguely camp super villain. I did a test guy and liked him, so painted some jeeps up in the same scheme.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Solomon Kane: The Temple of Darkness. Remount.

After test screenings of The Temple of Darkness brought very disappointing feedback, it was decided to remount the entire climactic battle scene. It was thought that having the utter darkness of ineluctable evil loose upon the land for all eternity might have given audiences a slightly negative impression. So scenes were hurriedly rewritten in the hope of a more uplifting ending.

This time, John Silent and one of the mercenaries...

...most of the rest of the mercenaries...

...and Solomon Kane, N'Longa and the final mercenary spread out into three groups before assaulting the temple.

John Dee and his evil minions prepare their dark ritual, while Thomas Doughty keeps an eye out for interlopers.

The mercenaries rush the temple as fast as they can, with Solomon Kane trying to surprise Dee by entering via the temple to his rear.

Some mercs still brave the gully of flaming death that accounted for many of their number in the previous shoot.

The flames do not materialise, instead they are met by the animated idol.

A cultist kills one of the mercenaries while Doughty and Silent have their re-match.

This time Doughty is the loser.

Kane rushes straight towards the chess board of magical summoning and is met by the fearsome Shadow. Kane dispatches it in a single blow. Meanwhile, the mercenaries flee from the animated idol and scale the cliffs to reach the temple.

Everything that could go right, does go right for the goodies, until the idol effortlessly scales the cliffs and kills the mercenary captain, and Dee manages to cast Word of Command on Silent, who bows his will to the forces of darkness.

Fortunately, Silent manages to shrug off Dee's mind control and rejoins the fight.

Browne is not so lucky, as N'Longa over powers his mind. Things are looking grim for Dee and his diabolical ritual.

Silent kills another cultist...

... and rushes in to join the other mercenaries who have made it to Dee.

Browne looks on obliviously as Kane kills the final cultist. Dee is hacked to death unceremoniously and the dark ritual is stopped in the nick of time.

The film still bombed.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Solomon Kane: The Temple of Darkness

Here's our Solomon Kane vs John Dee 7th Voyage - 7 Seas game. We made up a scenario where Dee's cultists were in the middle of a ritual to summon an unspeakable darkness into the land. The heroes had four turns to put a stop to it. If any cultists were active in the summoning area (the chess board) during the end phase of the fourth turn then the darkness would be unleashed and the cultists would win, otherwise the goodies would win.

The view of the temple and its defenders that Kane must have got when he climbed a tree to get a decent recce.

The first initiative went automatically to the good guys to reflect their ambush. Kane and N'Longa charged straight for the summoning square, Kane hoping to get his hands on Dee.

Meanwhile John Silent and his veterans stuck together and made for a breach in the cliff, on the other side of the temple.

Seeing them coming, Sir Thomas Browne unleashed his Pillar of Wrath with devastating effect, setting four of the mercenaries on fire. And Thomas Doughty charged at John Silent in a battle of the big men.

Realising the potential of his magical powers, one of the cultists rushed forward to attack N'Longa, while Dee animated one of the temple idols.

The next initiative went to the cultists. Dee summoned a Shadow and Browne directed it to attack the mercenaries.

While Doughty and Silent's abilities cancelled each other out, the Shadow's charge dealt with two of the mercenaries, and another succumbed to his burns.

The Idol charged at Kane but was two slow to damage him, but the cultist was getting the better of N'Longa.

Kane danced past the idol and the cultists and charged at Dee, hoping that once Dee was dealt with the rest of them might falter. He managed to hurt Dee and also put the fear of god into him...

...but leaving N'Longa to fend for himself may have been a mistake.

The idol was too slow to protect its master...

...and Kane dispatched Dee and then went for Browne. Kane was a veritable one man army, although, really, he had to be, because the rest of his force were failing.

Doughty finally got the better of Silent and while one of the mercenaries fled in terror (towards the temple!) the last one was destroyed by the Shadow.

And although Browne was now wounded and frightened of Kane, the other cultists were able to keep their daemonic chant going long enough for the veil to the netherworld to be parted and for a terrible darkness to be visited upon the land.

Victory to the bad guys.