Friday, 27 September 2013

Haulage Depot

I decided 70's factories might be funner to make than Blake's 7 stuff (although a lot of B7 was filmed in 70's factories, anyway). So this is my haulage depot. It's pretty small, not much bigger than a lot of my half-timbered buildings. Had I made a realistic-sized one it would take up half the table. But it gives the impression of what it's supposed to be, and is something to fight over.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Battle for Meaning-on-the-Bog

Here's another IHMN battle: the Brothers of St. Vitus fighting it out with some armoured marines.

We decided to do the Bad Jack scenario and stuck him on the top floor of the clock tower in the middle of the table. That was largely irrelevant though, as no one felt they had the spare fire power to take Jack on, he stayed in the tower on his own, undisturbed, while we effectively played a Last Man Standing scenario.

The Brothers arrived by boat and the marines didn't.

The Brothers legged it to the bridge in the centre of Meaning-on-the-Bog while the marines split up, half the force trying to outflank the devout of St. Vitus.

The main force of marines got to the far side of the bridge where they were taunted ruthlessly by one of the initiates.

Prior Flavius went round the other way, on one of his largely pointless solo missions.

Prior Flavius gets to the bridge too late to stop the marines crossing it.

The marines made it across the bridge where they engaged the nuns.

The initiates tried to force the marines back through the archway, but were whittled down by the marines.

The captain and his marines engaged the nuns, where their superior hand to hand fighting skills and heavy armour should give them the edge.

One initiate finally made it through the archway, and immediately wished he hadn't.

With the last roll of the dice, the Brothers flukily manage to kill the marine captain, but that isn't enough to stop the marines winning a resounding victory.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Federation Base

But then I thought I'd make some sort of space/super base complex that might work with 7TV spi-fi style gaming and also with the 7TV Blake's 7 rules. Here's what I have done so far. Bear in mind that in order to achieve proper verisimilitude I've had to make the base out of bits of stuff found on your average British high street.

So far I've done some sort of medical lab/ quarantine area/ psycho-surgery unit, a power plant/ food processing types area and a couple of corridors. They still needs to be kitted out with computer consoles and other bits and pieces which I'll get off the internet, some time.

Lock Up Garage

So, I had the notion that I'd get into the (extremely impressive imo) 7TV and do some sort of Avengers or Sweeney style gaming. The staple location of 70s street scenes was, of course, the lock up garage, so I chose that as my first effort. I decided to do insides and outsides, unlike my Moedlhafen stuff to get a bit more interactivity. I thought it might be twice as much work to to both sides, but it's actually a lot more than that, coz there's literally nowhere to hide.