Sunday, 18 December 2011

More Moedlhafen

It's been a while since I've updated on Moedlhafen. Here are the modules I've been working on. (I've actually been doing more Flames of War stuff than 28mm fantasy recently.) I thought I'd spruce the place up a bit with some more upmarket areas so have been working on a temple. It started life as a classical Verenean type place, but because most of the bits and pieces I have collected feel Sigmarite, it will probably end up being dedicated to that god.

I made a square with a bunch of statues to go with the classical idea. These are ancient Greek and Amazon figures in 42mm from Irregular Miniatures Ltd.

I've nearly finished this graveyard which is 95% the excellent GW Garden of Morr. Just have to paint the skulls!

This inn complex is actually one of the first buildings I started for the project, but it's so huge I keep finding better stuff to work on. But I made another effort with it last week and so it is now foreseeably finishable.