Monday, 4 March 2019

Another S&SF Tournament

We had another S&SF mini-tournament at the club. I brought my Undead this time, thinking maybe they were probably a bit overpowered, under the rules. My first game went well enough against the Elves, and I managed to use my superior magic to my advantage.

I played a friendly game against Orcs and that was pretty even. Then I played against my nemesis Barbarian Horde and got out-flanked and rolled up by their superior numbers pretty quickly. It looked like I was going to get properly massacred, but with a few lucky rolls (and the Undead resilience - all rallying is done at 4+), managed to end up with a respectable defeat.

Hint for those wanting to organise a tournament, work out what system you are using to determine the winner before it starts! Had we used a '3 points for a win' system, Nick's Meerkats would have won; had we used a  'goals scored' system Carole's Barbarians would have won; and had we used a 'goal difference' system, my Undead would have won.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Sea Walls 3

Finally finished painting these guys.