Monday, 29 January 2018


I have been having fun with Gaslands over the last couple of weeks. I had a load of car wars style matchbox models already made up, but have decided to do some more more focused on builds you can make in Gaslands.

I'd really recommend this game if you like arsing about with toy cars. The rules might seem a bit random at first, but they come together to produce a very decent game. I bought the Everything Bundle (see pic), coz custom dice and decent laser-cut movement templates seemed to make it worth it. I got the package without the dice (supply issue) and so got sent a free matchbox car to make up for it. And a couple of weeks later the dice arrived with a couple of extra dice to make up for the delay, so win-win for me.


  1. Sounds fun! Look forward to seeing some reports.

  2. Awesome! Great to get a bonus like that. Looks like a fun game so let us know how it goes for you. cheers

  3. You can 'colour me interested' on this project (I'd seen the rules advertised, but didn't realise there were dice and templates available) :-)
    I used to have loads of fun with "Car Wars" many years ago and will be looking forward to your game reports and views of the game in future posts!

    1. Thanks, have done a report, now. It's all good fun.