Friday, 28 March 2014

Underworld: Get Off My Manor!

So, we played a game of 7TV. We had Lady Ffshaw's Shooting Party defending their manor from the Wyrd Sisters' Police. There were a couple of scientists in the manor house who were worth 2VPs, but everyone forgot about them and ended up just fighting to the death.

The shooting party were spread out around the manor and the police were set up in three groups, with a witch in each.

The Shooting Party had a shed load of dogs and three dog handlers. I thought this might break the game, and it probably was a bit powerful, but the police dealt with them quite well.

The shootmaster kept his eye out for plod making their way through the woods.

Two more of the shooting party, on the look out for fancy urban folks coming round here with their big city ways, like law and order.

Most of the police arrived with Ursula down the main road towards the house, with dogs for back up.

Glenda approached the back of the house, and cast 'Begone!'...

...spectacularly sending two of the Gamekeepers and half a dozen dogs crashing into the wall, and killing all of them except a couple of dogs.

Meanwhile, Ursula, having pumped herself full of strange narcotics, legged it unnaturally quickly up the drive and charged Lady Ffshaw, drawing blood.

The housekeeper leveled her shotgun at the approaching officers and (probably illegally) pumped them full of lead...

...and after a gamekeeper had joined her, only one PC and a dog remained.

Medea charged into the Shootmaster and his mates, and managed to wound him. They fought back and shot one of the police.

Meanwhile, the bloodhounds managed to take out one of the police.

Lady Ffshaw withdrew from the fight, and guarded by her housekeeper looked on as one of the gamekeepers tried to fight the witch off.

Surrounded by rabid hounds, Glenda whipped out her pheromone spray, confusing them all. (And then they went about systematically shooting all the poor confused dogs. For obvious reasons I have refused to put any pictures of that carnage up here.)

Ursula stunned the gamekeeper with stunning magic and then made a move on the housekeeper.

Glenda cast another Begone! and took out another load of dogs, and their handlers, too.

The shootmaster was managing to keep Medea and her constables at bay.

Glenda made her way towards the front of the house, leaving a couple of surviving dogs behind. As soon as she left, they got a bit of canine revenge on the last PC (using the random Instincitve Animal Action Table in the Summer Special).

As Glenda came round the corner, however, Lady Ffshaw blasted her with Witchfire twice, killing her. And the shootmaster did away with Medea, leaving only Ursula to carry on a fight she couldn't win.

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