Sunday, 16 March 2014

Minion Jeeps

Painted some jeeps for my 7TV minions. Not sure what the minions are about yet, I guess they're just a vaguely camp army for a vaguely camp super villain. I did a test guy and liked him, so painted some jeeps up in the same scheme.


  1. Very nice mate. Could make some good troopers for the State for Across the Dead Earth as well. I have my minions in vault dweller type uniforms for that exact purpose of cross over into other games. I do have a minion fetish though as I also have the Wild Ducks as well!

    1. Yeah, the Wild Ducks was the thing that made me decide to get into 7TV in the first place, so I've been looking forward to doing these guys in a similar style.

  2. Nice jeeps one can never have enough minions.