Thursday, 13 March 2014

Solomon Kane: The Temple of Darkness. Remount.

After test screenings of The Temple of Darkness brought very disappointing feedback, it was decided to remount the entire climactic battle scene. It was thought that having the utter darkness of ineluctable evil loose upon the land for all eternity might have given audiences a slightly negative impression. So scenes were hurriedly rewritten in the hope of a more uplifting ending.

This time, John Silent and one of the mercenaries...

...most of the rest of the mercenaries...

...and Solomon Kane, N'Longa and the final mercenary spread out into three groups before assaulting the temple.

John Dee and his evil minions prepare their dark ritual, while Thomas Doughty keeps an eye out for interlopers.

The mercenaries rush the temple as fast as they can, with Solomon Kane trying to surprise Dee by entering via the temple to his rear.

Some mercs still brave the gully of flaming death that accounted for many of their number in the previous shoot.

The flames do not materialise, instead they are met by the animated idol.

A cultist kills one of the mercenaries while Doughty and Silent have their re-match.

This time Doughty is the loser.

Kane rushes straight towards the chess board of magical summoning and is met by the fearsome Shadow. Kane dispatches it in a single blow. Meanwhile, the mercenaries flee from the animated idol and scale the cliffs to reach the temple.

Everything that could go right, does go right for the goodies, until the idol effortlessly scales the cliffs and kills the mercenary captain, and Dee manages to cast Word of Command on Silent, who bows his will to the forces of darkness.

Fortunately, Silent manages to shrug off Dee's mind control and rejoins the fight.

Browne is not so lucky, as N'Longa over powers his mind. Things are looking grim for Dee and his diabolical ritual.

Silent kills another cultist...

... and rushes in to join the other mercenaries who have made it to Dee.

Browne looks on obliviously as Kane kills the final cultist. Dee is hacked to death unceremoniously and the dark ritual is stopped in the nick of time.

The film still bombed.


  1. One blow? I seem to remember it took Kane several...and a little magical help from N 'Longa. Bloody director is cutting all the good wonder the film bombed!!

    1. As I was typing that, I knew someone would start complaining that it wasn't exactly like the book.

  2. Good stuff!

    But I do hope the production staff can sort out their differences and don't go out on strike, before they make another cult classic ;)

  3. I really love the Greek statues very fitting to Solomon Kane.