Saturday, 8 March 2014

Solomon Kane: The Temple of Darkness

Here's our Solomon Kane vs John Dee 7th Voyage - 7 Seas game. We made up a scenario where Dee's cultists were in the middle of a ritual to summon an unspeakable darkness into the land. The heroes had four turns to put a stop to it. If any cultists were active in the summoning area (the chess board) during the end phase of the fourth turn then the darkness would be unleashed and the cultists would win, otherwise the goodies would win.

The view of the temple and its defenders that Kane must have got when he climbed a tree to get a decent recce.

The first initiative went automatically to the good guys to reflect their ambush. Kane and N'Longa charged straight for the summoning square, Kane hoping to get his hands on Dee.

Meanwhile John Silent and his veterans stuck together and made for a breach in the cliff, on the other side of the temple.

Seeing them coming, Sir Thomas Browne unleashed his Pillar of Wrath with devastating effect, setting four of the mercenaries on fire. And Thomas Doughty charged at John Silent in a battle of the big men.

Realising the potential of his magical powers, one of the cultists rushed forward to attack N'Longa, while Dee animated one of the temple idols.

The next initiative went to the cultists. Dee summoned a Shadow and Browne directed it to attack the mercenaries.

While Doughty and Silent's abilities cancelled each other out, the Shadow's charge dealt with two of the mercenaries, and another succumbed to his burns.

The Idol charged at Kane but was two slow to damage him, but the cultist was getting the better of N'Longa.

Kane danced past the idol and the cultists and charged at Dee, hoping that once Dee was dealt with the rest of them might falter. He managed to hurt Dee and also put the fear of god into him...

...but leaving N'Longa to fend for himself may have been a mistake.

The idol was too slow to protect its master...

...and Kane dispatched Dee and then went for Browne. Kane was a veritable one man army, although, really, he had to be, because the rest of his force were failing.

Doughty finally got the better of Silent and while one of the mercenaries fled in terror (towards the temple!) the last one was destroyed by the Shadow.

And although Browne was now wounded and frightened of Kane, the other cultists were able to keep their daemonic chant going long enough for the veil to the netherworld to be parted and for a terrible darkness to be visited upon the land.

Victory to the bad guys.


  1. Brilliant! Great scenario and some cool terrain to play over. Very helpful in inspiring me. Cheers.

  2. Very cool, great stuff. Those statues on columns look great.