Saturday, 16 September 2017

White Men

It's a strange post title but that's what they're called in the game. These are from Foundry (and one from somewhere else) and that's pretty much all the White Men you need to make a White Men's Column for Congo (but really one more). You can field an Explorer, a Retired Officer, a Reporter and/or a Scientist. And you can have a unit of four Soldiers and a unit of three Adventurers.

I also bought a zebra skin bag from Saddle-Goose which is perfect for Stress Tokens.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Jungle Tribes

I enjoyed doing my Maasai so much, I thought I'd get some more guys for them to fight. These are for the Jungle Tribes column. I completely ripped off the colour scheme from some of the minis in the rulebook, coz I liked it so much. I'll probably get some minis to make a Zanzibar and a White Men column, too now.

These are the Jungle Tribes characters, The Healer, Witchdoctor, Chieftain, Talking Drums, and Champion. Most of these minis are from Foundry, but I got the Chieftain and the drums from North Star.

I decided to get these North Star guys to use as cannibals.

These are Warriors. They're not really as good as the Maasai Married Warriors. But they are cheaper, so I feel like they will need to gang up on the Maasai.

Bundukis. This is a really cheap unit, because they're rubbish.

These archer guys, you can make into Archers, who are cheap and not that good, or ace Hunters who get the exploding successes special ability.

And some Young Warriors.

I now have about 150 points each of Maasai, and Jungle Tribes, so that is plenty for a good variety of column types, for any of the scenarios in the book. The Jungle guys are probably gonna be more versatile coz I can have a very shooty column or a very melee-y one, whereas the Maasai are nearly all melee types (although I did paint a unit of Ruga-Ruga to give them a bit of firepower).

I had some minis spare,  that I didn't have the right shields for, so I made these Zebra blokes, too, for some reason.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Savannah Laugh

I decided to make a Savannah table for my Maasai, for Congo. I used a load of teddy bear fur as the basis for the 6'x4' mat. After checking out a few tutorials, I spent days shaving away at the fur with some hair clippers, before I felt it was short enough to work, and even then I gave up before it was really finished.

I made some rocks out of foam, for the impassable, high terrain, which ended up looking like bread rolls.

For the dense cover I just used off-cuts of fur. I'm not sure whether they look better on their own, or with the green jungle plantlife things. I guess for savannah they should really just be longer grass.

I was quite pleased with the huts, though. I liked the way the fur worked when brushed with PVA. I want to try out the same technique with a medieval style thatched roof, now.

Not really sure I like the finished product, though, and the long grass is so long that it's often difficult to stand the minis up properly.

And to compound it all, just as I was nearly finished, I discovered that the 6'x4' table required in the rulebook, is actually a typo, and it actually requires only 3'x4'.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Maasai 3

Finished my Maasai. Played a game of Congo at the weekend, and it seems pretty fun. I think I will need a couple more games to get it going smoothly, though.

Now I am planning to make a fake-fur savannah mat and building some huts and a few savannah-y rocky bits.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Maasai 2

Did this unit of Lion Warriors. Really fun to paint.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Maasai Test

Bought a load of Foundry Maasai with a view to playing Congo. Did this test, which I'm happy with. The models are very nice.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Goblin Mammoth 2

Finished my mammoth. It should make a suitably imposing centrepiece for the goblin army. It's pretty expensive at 90 points, so needs to scare the opposition.

Mammoth, Large Beast, Disc 4, Str 3, Impact, Powerful Attack, Heavily Armoured, Bow (R), Causes Fear, Undrilled, AV 4, Points 90

Friday, 14 July 2017

Goblin Mammoth WIP

I wanted to make a Large Beasts unit for Sword and Spear, and found this old toy mammoth lying around. So, I've covered it in stuff, and plan to add some goblin crew.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Airborne and Tank Killers

I made a couple of different units to bring some variety to our Spear and Sword Fantasy games. The masses of well-disciplined, armoured cavalry are a bit of a headache for the Goblins, so I decided to make a couple of units of squigs specifically to damage the Bret Knights. I gave them Powerful Blow to counteract the Knights' armour, and Frenzy to cancel out their Impact ability, and I made them Expendable, because they are. A bit cheesy, but the Goblins need the help.

Squigs, Beasts, Disc 4, Str 3, Powerful Blow, Frenzy, Expendable, AV 1, Points 42.

And for the Brets, to use up a similar number of points, I made this unit of Pegasus Riders. I gave them everything, just to use the points, but they ended up a pretty powerful unit, for Light Horse.

Pegasus Riders, Lt Horse, Disc 3, Str 2, Impact, Steadfast, Flight, Armoured, AV 3, Points 72.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Chaos Carnival

Haven't been painting much lately. Here are some old models I found as I gradually clear up my lead pile. I painted the wagon ages ago, but now have a full cast of players to go with it.

Friday, 12 May 2017

B7 Vehicles

I found these resin vehicles at the club's table top sale for a decent price. They painted up ok, and I feel like they work well as part of my Blake's 7TV rebel and Federation factions. The bloke who was selling them had a load of different stuff like this, and now I wish I'd bought more off him.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sentient Plantlife

Here's a mad scientist type cast for 7TV. The Vervoids are from Black Tree. The Creepers and the Weed (great model) are from Crooked Dice. This looks like it will make a decent themed cast for 7TV, but I'm also gonna use it for a Living on the Frontline participation game I have planned.