Saturday, 15 February 2014

Painting Table: 15/02/14

I'm a great believer in neatness in all things, which is why my painting table is always immaculate. I think it is clear from this blog that my painting and wargaming generally benefit from such a tidy approach. Let this be a lesson to any young painter out there wishing for inspiration and guidance in always keeping a methodical and controlled table. Also, consider this an instructive reminder to never let a backlog of figures and other projects build up.

Paint Table Saturday is inspired by Sofie's Paint Blog.


  1. Sweet lots of different projects going on here then :)

  2. If they leave the table unfinished, they usually never get seen again.

  3. Hi, thanks for participating with my Paint Table Saturday project. You have a lot going on, on your paint table at the moment! I also added you link to my blog post.

    Can you please in the future leave me a message that you participate then I can add your link instantly to my blog post (link:

    Greetings, Sofie

  4. Hi Sofie,

    Yeah, sure.

    Should have probably put a link to you, too. Have done now.


  5. Hey that workstation resembles the mess that is my table! :)