Tuesday, 25 February 2014

7th Voyage: Another Battle

Here's a few random shots of today's 7 Seas, 7th Voyage game. The idea was for Dashwood and his annoying goody-goody sycophants to steal the magic gemstone from the governor's statue in the town square and then get it to a boat and make their escape. Little did they know, but the powerful gem was also cursed. Why the goodies were stealing from community resources we didn't quite work out, but it was something to do with Mount Doom. Needless to say, the scurvy dogs failed entirely, and Dread Pirate Johnny Ward and his loyal band of privateers won the day.

It was another good, fun battle, but mainly noted for Philomena Nightly getting into it with the only female pirate in the villainous cast, and having a properly sexist, 60s style, girly cat-fight in the middle of the square.


  1. Nice report. Lovely looking table buddy

  2. That is a beautiful table and I love hearing of the antics of its pirate inhabbitants.