Friday, 21 February 2014

Market Stalls

Did some street furniture which should go with 17th century stuff, and could probably get away with for ancient settings and even modern ones (thinking of doing some stuff for classical Greek style 7th Voyage).

The bits are the excellent Tabletop World Groceries and Supplies, with bits from Thomarillion, Antenociti and probably others.


  1. Very good tit could even work with modern settings as some sort of Country fair type event.

  2. Yeah, I was hoping to use it for 7TV, Looks a bit too rustic for Sweeney type games though. 'Oi, put that artisan crafted cheese down, sunshine. You're nicked!

    My next 7TV cast are countryside folks, though, so it should work well.

  3. Excellent, thanks for the links and ideas - I need some of these both for my LotHS and EotD...

  4. Sweet! I'm going to try my hand a some market stall type terrain - but for Japan, and the stall architecture is to a somewhat different approach, though easier to model. From what I can see .