Wednesday, 12 February 2014

7th Voyage: The Battle of Torbay

So we did the Battle of Torbay as featured in Pirates of the Marazion. It was supposed to be the Battle of Tobago, of course, featuring a dozen tall ships, but budget cuts meant that the show ended up with only two small cutters.

The idea of the scenario was that Johnny Ward's pirates had become a bit miffed at some of the governor's rhetoric and so decided to creep into Torbay and paint some rude graffiti on his statue in the town square. If a pirate model spent two consecutive end phases adjacent to the statue then the pirates would win.

Each boat was equipped with two Falconets. Dread pirate Johnny Ward was to captain the Red Lady...

...while Captain Parkes had command of Blue Bess. [Tactical nuance: don't put your Star and his Follower (Sidekick) in different bloody boats!]

Irene went with Captain Parkes and John-Joe the deadly assassin had managed to infiltrate Torbay and was hiding in the shadows ready to sabotage one of the big guns.

The townsfolk, suspecting some sort of street art protest, had set up two sakers on the docks. Roger and Philomena oversaw one of them...

... and Martin and Leonardo, the other. The guns had command of all routes into the harbour.

They put a couple of muskets on the jetty, too.

The townsfolk saw the pirates coming and fired their cannon as soon as they came into range. They both aimed at the Red Lady and the results were devastating. Johnny Ward was only wounded, but all hands were lost.

Blue Bess fared better and aimed a broadside at Leondardo's saker, killing all the crew. The Co-Stars, rather sensibly, hid behind some crates.

The pirates seized the initiative and managed to wound one of the other crew, too. John-Joe took this as his cue to reveal himself, leaping from the shadows and killing another of the gun's crew.

Blue Bess sailed on towards the jetty.

And Johnny Ward steered the Red Lady towards the harbour, picking off one of the defenders with his musket.

Only the dashing Roger Dashwood stood between the pirates and the streets of Torbay. He dodged Captain Parkes' blow and fought back bravely...

...while Philomena gave John-Joe a taste of his own medicine.

The town square was barely defended as Johnny Ward docked. Only a measly bookworm of a boy stood between him and the governor's statue.

And, as if by magic, through the mysteries of geometry and calculus, Leonardo struck the dread pirate down.

One of the townsfolk bravely jumped from the crane onto the Blue Bess and attacked the witch from behind.

Dashwood did for Captain Parkes and one of the pirates...

...and Hauer rushed over to reinforce him, before the pirates could even reach dry land.

Irene summoned a demonic imp to watch her back, but it wasn't enough to save the day.

More townsfolk came to defend against the pirates, who had lost too many of their brothers to want to fight on.

And Leonardo took the Red Lady as spoils.


  1. Cracking stuff! I'll stay tuned to this channel to see what happens next week :)

    1. Thanks. Repeats of The Sweeney, probably.

  2. Awesome the cannons where quite powerful then!

    1. Yeah, pretty much. Though it looks like we were dong it wrong, anyway.

  3. Brilliant looking game, I may have to check out these 7TV rules - hadn't realized they could handle this kind of action...

    1. Cheers. I love 7TV. For me they're the best rules ever, and brilliantly written, too. But they kinda don't do this, yet. This is a fan mod (7Seas) of 7th Voyage, which is similar to 7TV but Harryhausen oriented. Still, it doesn't take a lot of work to make 7TV do a lot of stuff.

  4. Very interesting re-use of all that Mordheim stuff.

    1. Yeah, I guess not making it look too Warhammery gives it a bit more use.

  5. Very enjoyable, and so much eye-candy!