Friday, 28 April 2017

Sword and Spear Fantasy Test 2

This is the second part of the Spear and Sword Fantasy write-up. The third turn begins with the cavalry battle.The double-six brings a handy bonus for one Bret unit. The Bret wizard also rolled well for this turn and has six magic points to boost her side.

The Goblins activated with fours so this means they go first (before the Brets' five). (The wolfriders should have a leader attached, it's just out of picture coz I forgot to move it up before the photo.) They roll well and do two kills. The Brets could have boosted this pool with some magic, but the other unit of knights has already taken two damage, so the wizard decides to influence that one instead. A wizard can only cast one spell per phase.

The other cavalry get to it. Though the pool is heavily boosted by Bret magic, and double-sixes, the goblins roll just well enough, and make their discipline tests, too, so avoid taking any damage.

In the next phase, the Brets get some decent rolls to activate the heavy infantry.

Again, with some magical help, they get to roll huge pools. But the trolls roll well enough, and make their single Discipline test.

And, with the help of the troll armour, the second combat is also a stalemate.

In the third phase, I pull out 6 blue dice to 3 red ones. This should give the goblins an advantage with the activations. However, I roll the above, and having already activated by leader-lead units (which would require a 3) there is nothing I can do with any dice below a 4.

The Brets activate their longbowmen on the hill. They would really like to have a go at the chariot, but the advancing spearmen are the more immediate target and so must shoot at them. They roll well and get two kills.

However, in the next phase, the chariot manages to activate, and with magical help, and its special Impact ability, it completely destroys the longbowmen. That Bret captain must flee for his life for the second time in the battle.

So the third turn ends with the Goblins needing to take three more Army Points to force a morale test throughout the Bret army.

In the fourth turn, there's a bit more grinding in the centre.

The trolls force the men-at-arms into three Discipline tests. And they fail two of them.

So far, the Bret hero on a pegasus hasn't done anything. He saw how the Giant went down early, and decided his no-discipline-test special ability isn't as cool as he thought it was. But now decides that charging in on a flank attack is the way to go. His Impact ability causes the single hit to become a kill.

Meanwhile, the Goblin skirmishers on the flank have a go at their opposite number. They manage to destroy the unit. But light foot, being only worth 2 Army Points, is not enough to force the morale test.

And so at the end of the fourth turn it's looking worrying for the Brets. Their centre has been outflanked by the Goblin chariot and they'll be hard-pressed to stay there. Their best hope, I guess, is for the knights to destroy the wolfriders and then take the Goblin camp.

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