Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Road Warriors 5

Kinda finished my war-rig, but I need a couple of guys to stick above the cab. Haven't really found anything the correct scale, yet. I made a couple more cars, and also a mega-vehicle. I added some stupid  wheels to a truck and gave it a harpoon.Then to go with the harpoon, it seemed to make sense to add a crow's nest.


  1. Nicely done! Is that all 15mm-ish Matchbox car sized stuff? Looks great. Classic!

    1. Yeah, it's all matchbox style cars. Not really sure what scale they should be, I think it's more like 20mm. I bought some heroic 20mm minis (more like 25mm) to go with them, but they might be a bit big. I also need crew for the rig, but the rig looks a lot smaller scale than the rest of the cars.

      The 20mm accessories I bought from Ramshackle Games seem to fit very well.