Friday, 28 April 2017

Sword and Spear Fantasy Test 3

This is the third part of my Spear and Sword Fantasy write-up. At the start of the fifth turn the Brets decide to try something different, to break through against the rock solid, regenerating trolls. Both units target their attacks against a single troll unit. This gives them a better chance of taking the unit out, but leaves them vulnerable to an attack by the unoccupied troll unit.

The first attack, boosted by magic, does well and inflicts two kills on the trolls.

The second attack deals three more hits, but fortunately for the trolls, they make a couple of Discipline tests and so end up with a total of three damage, which is not quite enough to rout Heavy Foot, who have a strength of four.

The Goblins, meanwhile, have a plan. By activating the chariot with fives, and the second troll unit with a six, the Goblins are hoping the still-fresh chariot will rip through the longbowmen and into the flank of the men-at-arms. This will help out the trolls when it is their turn to attack the men-at-arms.

The chariot does go through the archers, which means the Brets go over their morale threshold, and every unit will need to take a morale test in the next end phase.

This works exactly to plan, and the archers are routed, and the chariots pursue into the side of the men-at-arms, doing three damage.

Then the trolls easily manage to do the final point of damage and rout the men-at-arms.

In the next phase, boosted by magic, the knights finally break through against the wolfriders. The Hero also has a go at the other wolfriders' flank.

The knights pursue and stop just short of the Goblin camp that hasn't been built yet.

In the final phase, the knight attack against the last Wolfriders is a massacre. They don't get any bonuses, having already used their activation against the hero's flank attack. While the knights get bonuses from activating with doubles, and some magical help.

So, at the end of the fifth turn, it looks like this. The Bret knights have broken through and are about to take the goblin camp. But everywhere else, they are losing.

Having a look at the scores, the goblins have lost 13 points, and their morale threshold is 15, so if they lose two more, they will need to check for morale.

The Brets have lost 18, which is well over their 13 point threshold, so every Bret unit on the table takes a morale test. In addition, they are only 1 point away from their 19 half-strength mark. So all the Goblins need to do is take one more point, and they will win the game.

As a bit of a desperate measure, the Bret Hero decides to try to kill the Goblin wizard. He needs to roll a 4+, but fails and the wizard flees into the troll unit. This means he won't be able to cast spells except on that unit, so it helps out the Brets a bit, in any case.

With double-sixes and magical boosts the men-at-arms have a massive pool, but it is not enough to shift the trolls who managed to regenerate a wound in the previous end phase.

Then things get nasty as the chariot manages another charge, and with a double-six bonus. That routs the Bret unit, and wins the game for the Goblins. That was the fourth unit that the chariot managed to rip through in the game, showing the danger of allowing Fresh Impact troops the run of the battle field.

It was also the third unit that that Bret captain managed to lose during the game. Fortunately for the Brets, he died in the last rout.

This is how it ended, with the Goblins losing 13 out of 44 Army Points, and the Brets losing 22 out of 38 Army Points.

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