Friday, 13 November 2015

War Doctor/Chronomancer

Here's the War Doctor with a companion and a bunch of Chancellery Guard. Or it's a Frostgrave Chronomancer with apprentice and some soldiers.

The companion is Cinder, who, apparently appeared in the novel Engines of War. I haven't read it but the idea of sticking a Dalek gun and eyestalk on the end of a normal gun was too good to resist.

Not sure why but the Chancellery Guard were just about the hardest thing I've ever painted. I had three separate goes at them over the course of about a year. Really don't know why, but they were just no fun at all.


  1. The guard may not have been fun, but they are striking to look at. Great idea with the Frostgrave crossover!

    1. Thanks. I should really get K9 to double as a Frostgrave War Hound, now.