Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Frostgrave AAR (Part Two)

Having watched his bodyguard getting killed, my summoner retreated to the other side of the square where his apprentice was just arriving. His rival wiz retreated to the inn courtyard...

...where my last thug was trying to make off with a treasure.

The Bret apprentice, having lost sight of the rooftop infantryman, brought her archers towards the town square, too.

The largely irrelevant ranger and his imaginary friend were left on their own to pick up the last treasure, at their leisure.

Our only wandering monster of the game turned up on the edge of the square...

...and went for the cultists. (We house-rule that treasure-instigated wandering monsters appear d20 inches in a random direction away from the treasure. We think it works better than the RAW.)

Meanwhile the Bret wiz and her knight went for the thug, who didn't really stand much chance, though he made a decent bash of it.

My Summoner and his apprentice backed away from the wolf who made short work of the infantryman cultist.

Faced with the arrival of the Bret apprentice and her archers...

...and another fatality...

my cult leaders made their excuses and left.

A fun, close-ish game, with both sides managing to get away with three treasures, though my cultists took a lot more casualties. Only one, however, was a permanent fatality. The Cult of the Orange Simca mostly live to fight another day.


  1. Get the loot and run. Wandering monster...excellent rule and a real throwback to hear that word combination. Wandering Monster. cool.

  2. Yeah, just noticed it's not called that in the rules, but they'll always be wandering monsters to me.