Sunday, 1 November 2015

Frostgrave AAR (Part One)

Here's a game with my 12th level Bret warband being borrowed to fight my new Cultist warband. I was wondering how Frostgrave would get on in my city scenery, coz there's just a few big blocks of scenery and not much else, as opposed to the lots of little bits of interactive scenery we've usually been playing Frostgrave with.

As it happens, this sort of set-up seems perfectly suited to the game. The buildings blocked line of sight adequately (a bit of an issue in Frostgrave with its unlimited range magic) and the easily navigable and well-linked rooftops brought another dimension to the game. So I'm pretty pleased with this and will be dragging this scenery out again for more Frostgrave.

We tried to put the treasures in awkward places, especially away from easy telekinesis spots, and ruled that the treasures themselves, unlike the tokens, were pretty small and quite flat, so you can't get line of sight with them if they are significantly higher. This is designed to nerf Telekinesis a little, as it's a great spell for wrecking fun treasure placement.

My wiz managed to summon a minor demon before the game started. I'm also using this ogre cultist conversion to mark a cultist acting under the influence of the Possess spell. My wiz and these guys went down the middle while... two thugs and their dog went down the left flank.

Steve the apprentice took his infantrymen down the right.

The Bret wiz went to the centre, and Telekinesisised the treasure in the temple.

The apprentice took the archers down the right...

...and the two rangers (the one in the brown cowl is illusionary) took to the city walls. 

At the end of his second turn, my wiz used Leap to get one of the cultists up to the first treasure.

While a Bret grabbed a treasure, too.

My apprentice made his way into the graveyard.

While my wardog got a whiff of cheese and charged towards the Brets.


My apprentice cast fog, mostly coz I'd just bought some cotton wool and I wanted to see how it looked, but also coz they were under line of sight from one of the rangers.

The archers tried to shoot my rooftop bloke down but he got lucky.

The heavies in the centre clashed in the town square. My possessed infantryman took out the templar with one swing, while my wiz Elemental Bolt-ed the Bret wiz for significant damage.

But the Brets counter-attacked, killing my demon, and their wiz Blinding Light-ed my wiz, who was left groping around in a haze like an idiot.

One of the apprentice's infantrymen dragged out one treasure, while another of them climbed the temple to get to their second treasure. The last one, and the apprentice, decided they might be needed in the town square.

Quite spectacularly, this guy managed to jump the two and a quarter inch (more or less) gap between the rooftops, while carrying treasure and being shot at. Man-of-the-Match material.

Fortunately, my wiz managed to recover from the Blinding Light at his first attempt. Unfortunately, that only meant he got a good view of his last minion biting the dust.

My guy reached the treasure on the temple... the roof rangers approached the treasure on the opposite side of the board.

Dodging a hail of arrows, blokey made his way further along the rooftops, almost to safety.

And my last thug, climbed over the stables and managed to grab the treasure in the inn's courtyard. The difficult bit will be getting out again, though.


  1. So much superb terrain! Just beautiful. It looks like it made for an interesting game too.

    1. Cheers, yeah the game went very well. I'd imagined it would require more smaller bits of terrain, but it really didn't.