Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Standard Module

Here's the basis for my modular terrain. It's a c. 30cm * 30cm * 4cm block made from one of those canvas block things you get at art shops. I just rip the canvas off (save for sails, etc, later) and glue some hardboard to the top and then cover it in plastic. I used textured plastic sheets from Slater's and Wills. The main surface for the entire town is Slater's Plasticard Random Stone 0421.

Lining the sides with plastic (especially the thicker Wills stuff) makes the blocks wider than they might be, so really I've ended up with lots of slightly different sized blocks, which is a bit messy when you stick them together. But the whole point of these modules is that when they're finished they might look a bit like a river/sea side port, so they do need to be lined.

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