Thursday, 23 June 2011

City Walls

Here are the city walls which are about 90% GW fortress. The city gate has some sort of notice board which I was thinking might work a bit like the Deutz Elm in Nuln. It's designed to join seamlessly with other buildings and the other bits of wall. Unfortunately the fortress wall pieces are about 6mm shorter than the modules, which means my city wall has loads of huge holes in it, that you could probably walk through if you were a plastic goblin.

This is a watch tower / barracks for the city guard. You have to wonder why they didn't build it out of stone. It's also looking extremely clean. I'm not usually a big fan of making my models dirty (my FoW general makes sure his tanks get a good scrubbing every day), but I'm currently trying to work out how best to dirty Moedlhafen up a bit.

I've made a puddle that you can see on the very bottom pic, but it looks like someone's dropped a load of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, rather than the result of the dismal Imperial weather.

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