Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bog Standard Building

So I thought I'd blog the final stages of my modular fantasy warhammer urban wargames table thing. I'm also developing some skirmish rules to go with it, so perhaps they will get added here a bit later.

This is the first building I did. I started this years ago, and it sat half-finished for about a year until I found some roof tiles I liked. The rest of the buildings will follow the main themes: windowless stone ground floor, black and bleached bone half-timber, and ultramarine roofing. Limited palettes work well for army schemes, so I'm hoping it will do the job for a city scape, too.

The stonework is cut from a GW fortress tower. The walls are made from plain sheets of polystyrene, and some textured sheets, usually from Wills. The roof tiles are laser cut self adhesive shingles from Builders In Scale. And most of the extra bits are from the GW watchtower and chapel kits.

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