Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Xenos Rampant AAR

The games of Xenos Rampant I played with my 28mm guys didn't really feel right in terms of firing ranges, and also I was a few figures short of a decent turnout. So, I thought I'd have a go in 15mm keeping all the distances the same. This felt better, but after a couple of games I have decided that it doesn't really work. Shooting seemed too deadly, and there was almost no hand to hand fighting. This would have been helped by more dense terrain, but if a game needs to have extreme terrain set-up in order to work, then it's probably not doing the job.

So I will be looking for some decent 15mm sci-fi rules, and probably painting some more minis for them. I have Stargrunt II so will try that next.



  1. Pretty sure I painted some of those GZG models, did you buy them at the Bristol bring and buy?

    1. Ha, yeah I did. I was wondering if someone might recognise them. I almost never field figures I didn't paint myself, but I'm very pleased with those guys.