Friday, 11 January 2019

15mm Undead

Have started a new army for S&SF. Was thinking of doing some elves, but decided that as undead has its own unique activation system and rules in S&SF that I should probably do them next. I found a bunch of models on ebay, for which I don't know the manufacturer, and I also bought some Alternative Armies stuff. The two types seem to go alright together, and I'm planning on mixing up the infantry to make more varied units.

I've pretty much done all the fun stuff, and now have to knuckle down and churn out the rank and file. Usually I like to mix the more fun painting with the more sloggy units to break things up a bit.

I found the dinosaur models at the pound shop and decided they'd be perfect for Large Beasts. I was gonna field the fell beasts as units, but decided they would be more appropriate as necromancers. The Undead rules seem to mean that you need plenty of necromancers if you want to activate troops as effectively as your living foes. I like the idea of the phantoms as a unit and will make them Light Foot with Fear, Expendable, and maybe Fast and Magic Attack.

I'm not sure what model the dragon is, but thought it would work as a Monster with Flight and Fear.