Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Firelock Storming Party

I did this Firelock Storming Party from Warlord Games for Pike and Shotte. The two metal figures were very nice, but I was a bit disappointed with the lack of range of poses from the plastic. There is a single plastic pose with a choice between two pairs of arms. I found mixing these with the various (and also quite limited) poses in the Infantry Regiment set I could get a decent range of poses in the end. Though this was a bit fiddly as they are not designed to go together so I had to do a bit of cutting and filling.

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  1. Agree we spoke about earlier, the assembly of the plastic Warlord ECW infantry can be a bit of a nause. After the first box, i found there is a "geograpchical" match on the sprues that can make things easier. god knows why they havent numbered or ID'd them in some way...anyhow, hopefully the Cavalry will be easier. They look nice, by the way. With all the probs you have had, i will be looking for some Metal equivalents...