Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sword and Spear Demo

Our club put on a demo at the Barn's craft fair. We did a bit of a display and ran a game of Sword and Spear.

The game was a two vs two thing, which went pretty well. The Saracens lost a load of their horse archers on their right flank, but in a way they did their job coz their heavy cavalry came through, unscathed and ripped the flank apart.

It was an interesting result in that the Crusaders won 29 - 21 in Army Points. But looking at the table you could see the Saracens were probably better placed. So, I added up the build points left on the table and it came to 177 - 120 in the Saracens' favour, pretty much the exact opposite result.

It felt a bit wrong, and I might have a think about working out how to end S&S games in future, coz a few times I have felt the game has ended too early, and this time the result definitely didn't reflect what was happening on the pitch.

Also note the excellent, thematic dice bag, which I got from saddlegoose:



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