Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Birthday Game Day

We had a day-long session at the club in celebration of the birthdays of two of the grognardiest members. The cake says 60 on it, but there seems to be some disagreement over their actual ages.

Sharp Practice was the flavour of the week. It's pretty new at the club, but like buses, three games happened to turn up at once. Two of them went Napoleonic, while the third went with the American Civil War. I brought my Aliens on the Front Line game.

After some great food and a stupid amount of cake, we had a half-time interlude of some sort of parlour game where everyone got eaten by werewolves.

In the afternoon I found myself inadvertently in charge of some Roman legions in a game of To The Strongest. There was also some Kings of War, a game of AK-47, and there was the boardgame RoboRally.

All in all a fun, game-filled day at the club. I haven't really been going to the club that long, but I've been made very welcome there. It's a nice friendly club who are welcoming to new members.

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