Monday, 1 August 2016

Masked Faction

I've finished a bunch of bebalaclavaed minis which I plan to use as a faction for Living on the Frontline. I'll probably call them the Bishopston and Horfield Popular Front, or something like that. (Not to be confused with the Horfield and Bishopston People's Front.)

Some of them look a bit urban guerilla, but some look more like criminals pulling a bank job, so much so that we were gonna play LotFL with them yesterday, but ended up playing Geezers, Shut It! instead.

They're from a bunch of different manufacturers but ended up looking pretty cohesive, together.

These guys are from Mike Bravo Miniatures, specially designed from Winter of '79, LotFL, and definitely look a bit more militaristic than the others. There should be more coming, in the same range, too.

These are from Crossover Miniatures, at They might look a bit modern for '79, but you can probably get away with it, when they're in with a bunch of other minis. Not sure I like the idea of one bloke walking around with his hands in the air, but this mini came in handy as a surrender marker in Geezers.

These are proper Geezers from Killer B. Again, the blokes with money bags don't really fit with LotFL, but they were great in Geezers for marking the villains who were holding the loot.

These are new from Crooked Dice.

This bloke is from Matchlock Miniatures. I bought a bunch of minis from them thinking they'd all be good for this faction, but I only ended up with one balaclava head, so will be looking out for more balaclava heads.