Saturday, 20 August 2016

Geezers! Wages Snatch Part Two

So, the Capri makes a mess of the turn and slams into the wall. We decided that the car was a write off, and Soft Eddie needed to get hold of a replacement vehicle. This wasn't strictly under the rules, but the car rules in Geezers are a bit off, imo, and just throw up too many bizarre results.

Mad Harry took Stan the security guard hostage. The rest of the gang jumped out too, and made their way towards the security van. 

Meanwhile, one of the WPCs made an effort to talk down Johnny. But they don't call him 'nostrils' for nothing, and he shot her down in cold blood.

For some reason, the local force never got another volunteer for undercover security van work.

Eddie managed to get the door of the new getaway car open. Seven blaggers and three bags of swag in a mini? No problem.

Denny and Marty grabbed the remaining bags of money from the van and then made their way towards the alleyway behind the factory.

In the previous game, played on a very similar table, there was a back way out of the factory grounds, which I had covered by sending a couple of policeman to block off an escape. I totally forgot about it, this game, and so the gang decided to leave Soft Eddie to it, and all make their way down the back alley. Which, in any case, was the most direct route to the gang's table edge. Poor policing.

The police tried to talk Mad Harry down, and despite them being unarmed, and Harry having a hostage...

...he bottled it. What a muppet. Sad Harry, more like.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang headed for the alleyway.

The PCs also got their hands on Soft Eddie who gave up quickly, too.

We decided that now he was liberated, the security guard would join the police's side. So he rushed off towards the factory with the PC.

The gang made their way down the alleyway. Movement in the game is random. You get 2d6 movement points whether you're legging it, walking, or sneaking. So, the getaway was pretty pedestrian.

Realising their tactical error, the detectives' jag did a U turn and headed for the end of the alley.

Getting there just in time. Callan shouted for the villains to give themselves up. Marty did, dropping his swag, while Arthur and Denny disappeared off  the edge of the table with a grand, each. Reggie decided to go down fighting.

Meanwhile, keeping their cool, the security guard and the two PCs decided to look for clues. They each managed to grab a clue, which could turn out to be vital evidence if they could get any of the villains to court.

So, Reggie did go down fighting. 

And trapped in the alleyway, hampered by Mr Smith's slow movement, it was only a matter of time before Johnny gave himself up, too.

So, the villains got away with 2 grand, had one killed, and four arrested. The police meanwhile suffered one fatality. Of the three bits of evidence collected, two turned out to be decent clues. 

In the first game we played, four police got killed and three villains, so that was a lot more blood thirsty. Of the three villains captured two were inexplicably let off for lack of evidence, and Mad Harry got ten years.

This game, Soft Eddie got released after the police interview. Despite being caught red-handed trying to break into a mini, there wasn't enough evidence to go on. Marty, caught with a bag of swag running up the road, went down for fifteen years, as did Johnny, cornered holding a shotgun to the local factory owner's head. And Mad Harry's lawyer managed to get him out of the police station quicker than you can say 'travesty of justice.'

So, under Geezer's strange victory points system: the Villains won 11 points: 2 for swag, 1 for killing the PC, 4 coz two of them escaped, 6 coz two of them got off, and minus 2 coz two of them went down.

And the police got 5 points: 2 for killing a slag, minus 1 for the dead PC, minus 2 coz two villains got off, and 6 for sending two villains to jail.

Very fun game but some hard to fathom or sketchy rules around the edges. Think I might make a few house rules and have some more goes.


  1. Ace report and it looks awesome. :D I like the scoring system as well its not as cut and dry as you think until the very end!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I like the victory system. You can only do your job as well as you can, and even then, some jury or dodgy lawyer will let you down. Seems like a fun, satirical simulation.