Sunday, 27 September 2015

Spaceships (Part One)

I decided to build a couple of small crappy spaceships for my crappy Blake's 7 style federation base terrain. I couldn't find any suitable hairdryers, so went with these old mini Dalek remote controllers. These won't be anything like pursuits ships, but there were any number of small planet hoppers and orbital craft used in the show, which these should work well enough for.

I used the same bits and pieces for the ship as I did for the rest of the base to keep a homogenous design aesthetic (but mainly coz they were handy).

I'm happy enough so far. They seem to fit into the Blake's 7 look quite nicely. They're almost finished, but I think I might add some sort of cockpit type bulge at the top of the nose to give the crew somewhere plausible to sit if I can find the right bit.

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