Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Door Molds

So, I decided to make a few more bits of my crappy Blake's 7 style federation base terrain. One of the themes is the consistent door pieces, so I needed to cast a few more of these. I've not really done any molding or casting except this door.

I made a bunch of molds of the door using some Japanese plastic clay stuff. You just heat it in boiling water and then you can press a shape into it. So I made this styrene press tool thingy.

I started this a couple of years ago, and so was happy to dig the stuff out of the back of the cupboard to find the resin and molds all seemed to still be in excellent condition.

Simply mix the two-part resin together and...

...pour into the molds. You can get an adult to help you with this, if you like.

It's supposed to take about 24 hrs to dry, but I found it needs a bit longer than this. So, hopefully, in a couple of days I will have a bunch more doors to add to my scenery.

 I believe this is exactly how the BBC did it in 1978, too.

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