Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Don't Blink

Ran this game at a con on Sunday. It worked pretty well, and is v simple. If you're not a Doctor Who fan, look away now.

We had the Doctor and a bunch of companions trying to reach the Tardis at the centre of a 4' board. The key to terrain is having just the right amount of clutter to interrupt lines of sight. The goodies start at all the cardinal and intercardinal points, and can move up to 10". The baddy starts with 4 Weeping Angels spread around about 12" from the Tardis. To enter the Tardis a character must begin its turn in base contact with it.

After the companions move they must roll to not blink, with the target number dependent on how far they moved. If they fail and blink, they must roll again, etc, until they succeed. Mark them with tokens to record how many times they blink.

up to 4"/2+

When all the goodies have moved, the Angels can move up to 12". If any are in line of sight of a goody (we used the GW flame template to work out the arc of LoS - not sure what the angle is) they cannot move, except they get to move 2" for every blink the observer made (if there are several observers, take the lowest number of blinks).

If an Angel gets in base contact with a goody, the goody is removed from the game. Finally, add a new Angel at a random location at the end of every turn.

Every character (except Amy) gets a one-off re-roll token to use when they see fit. In addition, each character (except Rory) gets a special rule, as follows.

The Doctor

Sonic Screwdriver: Manipulate anything within reason on a roll of 4+, multi-use.


Vortex Manipulator: Move River to anywhere on the table, one use.

Captain Jack

Squareness Gun: Move through any piece of terrain, one use.


Lucky: One re-roll per turn, multi-use.


Boring: I couldn't think of anything for Rory.

Madame Vastra

Katana: When touched by an Angel, on a 4+ the Angel is removed, instead, multi-use


Dodge: When touched by an Angel, on a 4+ move Jenny up to 3" away, multi-use


Grenade!: Remove an Angel within 18" of Strax on a 4+, one use.


The Impossible Girl: Clara doesn't really play the game, and stays off the table. Except for one turn only, she can be placed on the table, anywhere, and her LoS used on the Angels. She never blinks, and is removed at the end of the turn.

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  1. Nice pics it looks great. The scenario sounds a lot of fun.