Saturday, 23 May 2015

AGGRO: The Gas Are Back

I thought I'd make a bit of an effort to reduce my lead/plastic pile. It suddenly dawned on me, a couple of weeks ago at a bring and buy sale, where I was buying but I wasn't bringing, that it was getting a bit out of hand. So, the first job was to finish my Aggro stuff and actually play the game. I was inspired a bit by a trip to Wembley, and promotion, too.

The Burger Van is actually an integral part of the Aggro rules, so I made this one out of an old ice cream van I had lying about. It's full of finely detailed burgers, hot dogs and cans and stuff, which can't really be seen, but I know they're there.

These are the 'Special Event' personalities. I didn't have a streaker, but this being the seventies I thought a bird with big knockers would work just as well. And I made my own event, the TV crew, with the simple rule, any Cred won within 8" is doubled.

Here are my Gas Guvnor and his Geezers, I was wondering how to differentiate between Lads and Geezers, etc. In the end I went for painting the bases, which isn't very satisfactory, or versatile, but hey. I also painted up the 'Tote End Argo' to give them a van (not that the van actually needs to be modeled under the rules).

Here's the whole firm. It's 40 points, with 6 Geezers. I went for a 9,8,6,6,6 formation, with just one Geezer in each of the smaller groups.

The Melchester Headhunters pretty much mirrored the Hit Squad, with 6 Geezers.


For these guys we went for bigger groups using a 9,9,9,8 formation. I was thinking they'd be a bit less manoeuvrable than using 5 crews, but weight of numbers would probably give them an advantage.

We used the Turf War scenario, except we used diagonally opposite set-up zones, instead of table edges, simply so we could make the stadium one of the objectives.

The second objective, we used Dave's van. Not sure why the Gas Hit Squad are so keen to take a Ford Transit.  Each firm has a van load off the table, which should arrive some time during the first four turns.

Things are getting a bit nawty. You can tell it's gonna kick off.

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