Thursday, 19 June 2014

Underworld: Factory Raid

The idea for this battle was that Hegarty's Black Katz had six rounds to break into the secure factory, grab the magic poker chip of fortune that the Wyrd sisters were guarding, and escape with it.

The Wyrd sisters had the entrances to the factory site guarded and had everybody else just milling about. We decided that they must have been expecting Hegarty to make a play for the magic poker chip and were lying in wait, otherwise they would have all been in the canteen.

All the Black Katz piled into the back of their van and smashed straight through one of the checkpoints. Fortunately the constable on duty managed to jump out the way and sustained only minor injuries.

The Black Katz all piled out and started beating up the policeman.

Meanwhile the Katz' fully carpeted Capri rammed the main entrance. Again the policeman on guard duty managed to dive out of harm's way...

...but the car ploughed on through the dog handler and his dogs. The dogs managed to get out the way, but the handler was not so lucky.

It turned out, however, that the Capri was empty, and was actually being remotely controlled by Baggie over the other side of the factory. The vehicles had just been diversions, while the big guns tried to get through the gate round the back.

Hegarty used her magic on the guard, and let Slim Jim and one of the Black Katz through while Baggie was left behind controlling his remote control Capri.

One of the Wyrd sisters cast a spell to dominate Baggie, and another used her wand of confusion to confuse a couple of the Katz. Then the police and the dogs piled in taking advantage of the confusion to smack some of the Katz about.

The last sister summoned an imp to attack Slim Jim.

The van kept going, knocking over, and killing, another policeman and narrowly missing one of the sisters. (To be fair it's hard to tell the sisters apart sometimes. We know them as the feisty one, the hot one, and the girl next door one. But, as they're only 28mm high sometimes it's not always that obvious how hot or feisty each one is.)

In response to the imp summoning, Hegarty summoned a proper demon. It attacked one of the sisters from behind, but she survived. Meanwhile Slim Jim took out the policeman guarding her and...

...heroically surged into the factory and up the stairs towards the magic poker chip.

The police managed to take out the demon...

...and they tried to arrest Jim but he wasn't coming quietly.

Hegarty managed to kill one of the sisters with her witchfire

And the van kept going, narrowly missing another of the sisters.

Meanwhile, Jim had grabbed the poker chip and to make a quick getaway jumped through the factory window and landed on top of the Katz' van.

The van drove off and crashed through the factory fencing. it was a right-off and the driver died (this is the '70s, no one wore a seat belt back then), but it gave Jim the chance to run off with his prize, winning the game.

Victory for Hegarty and her Black Katz.

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