Saturday, 7 June 2014

B7: Hostage (Part Two)

Blake's crew and some local resistance fighters have broken into a Federation base in an attempt to blow it up and rescue Professor Arkan, who may have knowledge of the location of Star One.

However the Liberator crew have walked into an ambush. They fight back but Gan is cut down by a mutoid.

After a brief struggle the crew exact their revenge. Surely nothing can now stand between Blake and Professor Arkan...

...except Travis. And his elite squad of mutoids. And Servalan.

As the crew pile into the headberry purification plant, Vila manages to slip past them almost unnoticed.

There follows a massed gunfight between just about everybody.

Travis finally manages to get his revenge on his deadly enemy, by shooting Blake with his Laseron Destroyer.

A mutoid spots Vila but misses him.

One of the Prydan People's Front finally remembers the victory conditions and goes off to sabotage the power plant.

Meanwhile Vila sneaks up the stairs and deals with the last line of defence to the interrogation suite.

One of the mutoids is killed, and Servalan orders the rest of Travis' mutoids to watch her back as she flees the scene...

...leaving Travis all alone against the remaining crew and resistance fighters. Cally gets the honour of finishing him off.

Vila deals with one of the mutoids, but the other is able to delay him long enough for...

...Servalan to flee on her own, entirely defeated.

With a blown up Federation base, a liberated professor, and two captured scientists, the result is a total victory for the rebels, but is it a Pyrrhic one? With Blake dead and Servalan free, who can now stop her assuming the presidency and ruling the known galaxy?


  1. Great battle report. Love your terrain and miniatures well done!

  2. Loving this. The use of sticky cable tie holders is inspired!

    1. Thanks, Finding scenery on the local high street is probably how the original series did it, too.

  3. I never got into Blake's 7 but this is a great battle report and the terrain is fantastic as always. I've nominated you for the Liebster I hope you don't mind.

  4. Well done, nice looking pictures!