Thursday, 14 November 2013

Underground vs Underworld

So we battled DI Hammersmith's Underground coppers against Hegarty's Black Katz. We just played a pitched battle type game, without any victory conditions.

The Black Katz make their way towards the mysteriously abandoned factory complex, led by Hegarty the 17th century fox. Baggie insists they leave the Capri behind so it doesn't get riddled with bullets.

And someone's called the old bill. Hammersmith, Pinner and Temple are in the Jag with a constable, and  another constable is with WPC Janet Kilburn and her three dogs in the van. Two more constables had to walk, probably due to funding cuts and the three day week.

They follow the van down a narrow alley. Kilburn sees some cardboard boxes in the middle of the road and gratuitously drives through them.

Hammersmith drops Dick Temple off at one of the factory buildings and then speeds off in search of his own cardboard boxes.

Baggie leads a few of the Black Katz to the office block which commands good sniping views of the complex.

Hegarty, Jim and the Katz enter one of the factory buildings.

Temple climbs to the top of his building, where his sniping ability will come in handy.

Hammersmith drives towards the office, aiming to run over one of the Katz.

Meanwhile Kilburn circles round the entire site and drives into the factory, surprising the Katz.

Steve and Steve take up position behind some cardboard boxes.

Hammersmith drops Pinner and Steve off at the offices and drives at the Kat who just manages to avoid the big cat.

Kilburn realises that she may have made a wrong turning. Hegarty hypnotises her while the Katz pump the van full of lead, killing the constable. Then Jim runs over and kicks her in the head enough to kill the WPC. The dogs just whimper in the back.

Pinner and Steve get to the top of the office building, surprising Baggie and the Katz.

After a firefight that kills a Kat, Hegarty teleports up behind the police and blasts their minds.

Meanwhile, Jim bounds across the factory floor, jumps through the window and then slides across the bonnet of the Jag in order to get a charge into DI Hammersmith.

After shooting Baggie in the back, Temple comes over to see if there are any other members of the public to shoot in the back. Steve eyes up one of the Katz but neither of them are inclined to act.

Hegarty kills Pinner with her Mind Blast then...

...jumps two storeys onto the Jag and kicks Hammersmith in the head.

Temple and Steve open fire and manage to kill Jim and the Kat. Only Hegarty is left.

She bravely charges across the road but is cut down in the crossfire. It only remains to call the RSPCA.


  1. Great game report. Your terrain and layout are great. Loving all the vehicles as well.

  2. Nice job, very authentic looking terrain.

  3. This looks like a great board to play on. I love the report too though I have no idea who the Kats are.

    1. Yeah, the Katz aren't really anyone in particular. They're just vaguely Black Panther-y, Blaxploitation-y. Probably completely out of place in British TV. I just liked the models.

  4. Nice game report, a fabulous terrain to play with, love this town!