Monday, 5 February 2018

Buggy Racing AAR 2

This is the second, final part of my buggy racing AAR. The first part is here:

At the beginning of the second turn Red was well in the lead, and attempted another one of those slide turns. They are very effective if you have the room and the roll. If it goes right then it's the best way to corner. Red needed to roll at least one slide, and some shifts to go with it wouldn't hurt, and that's what he got, again.

Meanwhile, Tom lined up Orange with his HMG, and finished him off.

In revenge, Yellow rammed the side of Dick (all he can really do now is try to annoy the opponents a bit and break up their pursuit of Red), for not much damage, and...

...then Harry rammed Yellow. 

It gets a bit fiddly when the big muti-vehicle pile-ups happen in Gaslands. Here, Yellow flipped because he got more than 5 hazards, and ignoring the obstruction he is already touching, ends up on the far side of Dick (pointing in a direction chosen by his opponent). It's easy enough to imagine how that could have gone down irl, though.

Tom swerved around the wreckage of Orange.

Then more fiddliness. Yellow reverses into Tom, going up two gears to try to do as much damage as possible. But then Dick T-bones Yellow, doing 6 damage (6s count as 2 damage each) and turning it into wreckage. As it needs to ignore any obstruction it is already touching, when wrecking, and it is touching the side barrier, we ruled that it flies over the barrier completely.

So Red's two teammates are out of action, and the three Miyazaki buggies are barely past the first bend, while Red is kinda nearly home.

Tom goes up into 5th gear to try to chase Red down.

Dick and Harry have their own problems. Arsing about with Yellow at the back has given them a few hazards, which they can shrug off with some careful driving and lucky rolling, or ignore and press on.

Harry makes a spin turn here. He uses a spin result to gain a hazard but point the car up to 90 degrees away from its original facing. They have coincidentally timed things perfectly for Red coming round the bend.

Dick rams Red as hard as he can. He uses a bunch of spare shifts from his roll to shift up to 6th gear. 

A head-on collision means adding opposing gears to get the attack dice, so both drivers will roll 10 dice. As it happens Dick only does 3 damage, while Tom does a ridiculous 12 damage.

Dick flies over the top of Red and then explodes, doing another damage to Red.

Then Harry piles in, and with his last rocket manages to finish Red off. It was a brave front-run by Red, but doomed to failure.

So that's Gaslands with just buggies: lightweight, fast, cheap, manoeuvrable, and fragile. My Idris team is a bit of a one-trick pony, not bothering with weapons, and going for speed. My Miyazaki one is a bit more balanced, but even that one is more brains than brawn. The other sponsors are a lot more brutal. And most vehicle builds will be harder to kill, and do more damage.

There's also a lot of dropped weapons in the game, which we didn't see here. Red had an oil slicker which he forgot to deploy, and Miyazaki had loads of dropped weapons which weren't any use to them, because they weren't front-running.

I really like the game and have been working on a few models. There are so many suitable cars in toy shops around that it can get a bit silly. I've painted about 10 models over the last week or so, but I've bought more like 30.

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