Friday, 3 November 2017

Ramshackle Jet Bikes 3

Have done some more jet bikes. I've also started a sort of jet bike dealership building for terrain. I will probably do some more messy sci-fi post-apoc type terrain to go with it.

I have also done some rules for jet bike racing, and am very pleased with how they run. I will be running a game at Reveille II convention (in Bristol) on Nov 26th, if anyone fancies a game. Reveille is our club's annual convention. It's small but very good.


  1. More great brushwork, Monkeylite, and you've certainly got me intrigued with your rules. Sadly, Bristol is too far away, but if the game plays as well as your painting, it should be an absolute success :-)

    1. Cheers. I will probably be posting the rules here in a few weeks.