Saturday, 16 September 2017

White Men

It's a strange post title but that's what they're called in the game. These are from Foundry (and one from somewhere else) and that's pretty much all the White Men you need to make a White Men's Column for Congo (but really one more). You can field an Explorer, a Retired Officer, a Reporter and/or a Scientist. And you can have a unit of four Soldiers and a unit of three Adventurers.

I also bought a zebra skin bag from Saddle-Goose which is perfect for Stress Tokens.


  1. You never painted them this quickly!

    I bought loads of Foundry Zanzibaris, plus MDF Congo stress tokens from Warbases.

    1. Yeah, I got some MDF tokens, too. I painted mine green. The white guys I was painting as I went along with the Jungle Tribes.