Saturday, 6 February 2016

Victorian Terraces 4: Corner Pub

Started a corner pub for the street. There's an Aggro scenario that requires one, but it will work great for 7TV and Geezers: Shut it! I'm gonna make it openable onto the ground floor and also the first floor, as that's exactly the sort of place a criminal gang might want to hang out.

I also made another row of shops, with a different sort of lay out, and a car park. It's starting to come together a bit now. Not sure how many more bits I want to do. I have loads of ideas but there's only so much you can fit on a table.


  1. You know how to churn out the buildings! Looking really good.

  2. These are amazing. Just getting into Aggro and Geezers and bought several mdf building but love the idea of scratch-building a few. What do you use for the roof tiles and brick work? Mark

    1. Hi, thanks,

      The brick is Slaters Plastikard: 7mm Brick Red 0404
      The Tiles are Wills Pantiles SSMP206
      and some Slaters Plastikard Pantile Roof Large 0440