Friday, 4 December 2015

ASQL: Alien Imperial Army

Here's my 150 pt. Alien Squad Leader force that I am about to spring into action at a tournament at the weekend. They're all GZG Crusties except the Beasts which are SHM Sci-Fi Xtoxi Brood Mothers. I've only played a handful of games of ASQL and I've only played once with these guys, so my main strategy to avoid getting massacred will be to stand there with a dazed expression and hope my opponent feels sorry for me.

Here's three stands of soldiers, one promoted to a command stand, with one stand of Heavy Weapons.

Here's three of Elites with power armour, with one command stand, all with aiming devices upgrade.

Heavy Droids.

 And last and least, five stands of Beasts.

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