Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lion Rampant

So, I thought I'd get into Lion Rampant. I've ordered a bunch of men-at-arms from Fireforge, but meanwhile thought I'd use my Brets as a makeshift army to fight my goblins. (It's ok, though, the author specifically gives permission in the rules to use them with fantasy armies, if we wish.)

I finally finished off some Bret men-at-arms and archers, that have been lying around half-done for about fifteen years. Another good reason to finish them, they will be perfect for a game of Robin Hood which is covered in the new 7th Voyage supplement: Once and Future, coming out this month.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the 7TV supplement. Hopefully you'll be doing a Batrep at some point? Still getting reacquainted with the core-rules but hope to get up to their rule-book eventually :-) Gorgeous looking Bret men-at-arms btw. Full of strong contrasting colours. Love 'em!!

    1. Thanks, yeah, I'll probably do a report if I get some good photos.

    2. Did last week's game pics not come out well?

    3. I didn't take any!

      The one's from the week before were ok, but I'm too lazy to put them up.

  2. Sounds good shall look forward to seeing some game reports and you thoughts on the rules.